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Muhammed Bozbey

Award-winning Turkish Film Director
Producer, Scenarist, Actor and Musician

Muhammed Bozbey was born in Turkey in 1988. He completed elementary, middle, and high school in Istanbul. Throughout his education, he carried out many artistic activities in school and other social areas. He got into Gaziantep University State Conservatory in 2008. In 2009, he was accepted into the Istanbul Halic University Conservatory.

He graduated from the same school in 2013. He acted in different theatre's and TV-Series in Istanbul. He directed a music video in 2014. He worked as stage actor in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre in 2015. Beside musicianship and acting, he went to Los Angeles to learn better methods in the film industry.

He was part of the team that organized the 1st Hollywood Turkish Film Festival in Los Angeles in the fall of 2017. In 2018, he worked as an assistant director for music videos, live broadcasts, and TV programs in Los Angeles.

He returned to Turkey after completing his education in America. He is the founder of “Bozbey Film" in Turkey. His first short film, "The Wasted Effort" written and directed. This short film created worldwide awareness. "The Wasted Effort" met with the audience at many festivals around the world. And it has received many awards. This movie is the beginning of a long career for projects that benefit humanity.

Other short films written and directed : The Wasted Effort - 2019, The Secret in the Purgatory - 2020, The 100+1 in the Quarantine - 2020, Escape : hAbeL - 2021